Squamous epithelial cells in urine Squamous epithelial cell seen in a Gram-stained preparation of urine The uroepithelium is columnar. Dear Sir My mother had Pus cells in Urine on first day was 8 10 HPF Epithelial cells 20 22 HPF. Should I be alarmed if I find squamous epithelial cells in urine test. I went and had a urine test and this what the test showed. My Dr. said it’s nothing and wouldn’t talk anymore about it.

In contrast, the epithelial cells seen on the skin are of the squamous type. Ask a doctor about urine epithelial cells 10 25 squamous, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions. I m assuming that you mean squamous epithelial cells in your urine, correct. I was so nervous that I didn’t ask more detailed questions. what does it mean to have 10-20 squamous epithelial cells.
Avoiding Squamous Epithelial Cells in Urine

Even though the count is 10-20, it s not abnormal
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